Earthmoving refers to the relocation of large quantities of earth (soil and rocks) using heavy equipment. Its uses range from agricultural and construction to civil applications.


Mining is the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the Earth.  Most mining practices, especially underground mining, involve digging into the ground to access these materials. In the process, much soil and rock are removed from the mine. These materials need to be moved to allow easier access to mines.


Construction refers to creating buildings and other infrastructure. Earthmoving services are required by construction companies for many reasons. For example, when building a house, a foundation must first be constructed. This involves digging into the ground, removing soil and rocks, to create a hole into which cement is poured. The earth removed from the ground to create a foundation needs to be moved away so it doesn’t get in the way of the construction process. Using earthmoving machinery makes the moving process a lot more effective.


When a building is demolished, a lot of rubble is produced. The easiest way to remove this rubble from the site it is to hire an earthmover.

Large variety of earthmoving equipment for hire

At the base of the machine, an Excavator usually has two tracks to move it. Above the tracks is a platform that rotates (180° or 360° degrees).
With Maximum Engine Power of 165 kW, TLBs go by several different names, including backhoe, digger, and loader backhoe. Strictly speaking, the term backhoe refers to the hydraulic arms and hinged bucket at the rear of the machine that is used to excavate material. It gets its name from the fact that it pulls the material toward the back of the loader, making it a backhoe (unlike a shovel, which digs away from the machine).


Our earthmoving costs depend entirely on your specific equipment needs. It is thus impossible to give a once-off costing figure.

No. We have a variety of construction vehicles and equipment available for hire, allowing us to access sites and work on almost any terrain.

At Bendet Plant and Towing, we pride ourselves in serving our customers wherever they need us. However, if you really do live very far away, and transport costs would not suit your budget.


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With our combination of expertise and a large range of professional equipment, our earthmoving services strive for complete customer satisfaction.

We aim to:

Increase your productivity

Hiring us for your earthmoving needs increases the rate of clearing a site, when compared to using manual labor.

Our mechanics are also familiar with the functioning of all equipment, which means that equipment can be repaired quickly and effectively in case of a breakdown.

Reduce your costs

We always strive to provide affordable services.

Improve earthmoving accuracy on your site

Our earthmoving equipment hiring fees include skilled operators, which means the job will be completed professionally and accurately

Take the weight off your shoulders

When you hire us for an earthmoving equipment job, we do everything. From transporting the earthmoving equipment to the site and completing the earthmoving process, you can leave it up to us. This gives you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.