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Plant Hiring & Towing Since 2011


Plant hire

We hire out a variety of different construction vehicles, including excavators, TLBs, tippers, rollers and water carts or bowsers. Our vehicles are manned by skilled operators.


Our forestry services include stump grinding and total stump removal which involves using machinery to chip away at a tree stump until only the roots remain.


Our construction services are very versatile depending on your needs. We have experience in dam construction, especially in mining environments, road construction and RDP stand levelling.

Transport Services

We transport all our equipment from our base to your site. We can also transport any large machinery for you. To find out more about our transport services, you can contact us via email or telephone.


Earthmoving involves moving earth like piles of rubble produced on a demolition site, or piles of sand on a construction site, may need to be moved to clear a site or improve access.

Breakdown Services / Towing

We have the equipment (which includes rollbacks and a lowbed) to pick up and transport most vehicles. In case of a breakdown we arrive at the site quickly to assist you.


The company can be divided into two main components, namely:

Plant hire

Bendet has a large vehicle fleet including earthmoving machinery and open pit mining equipment. Our inventory consists of, among others, excavators, TLBs, tippers, rollers and water carts, all of which are available for hire. Additional to plant hire, the company also provides services of construction, forestry (including stump grinding and total stump removal) and earthmoving.

All vehicles are manned by skilled operators and our mechanics are trained to work on all our machines. We perform preventative maintenance as far as possible.

Click here to find out more about our plant hire services.

Breakdown services / towing

Having recently purchased the previous Roga’s Breakdown, Bendet now also offers breakdown services and towing services. With both 12 and 8 ton rollbacks available for towing services, we can tow both small and large vehicles.

We transport all other construction equipment hired from us to your site. In addition, we can move containers, setting us apart from other companies in South Africa.

Click here to find out more about our breakdown and towing services.


Our earth moving machinery includes excavators, TLBs, rollers and tippers. We also hire out rollbacks and lowbeds for breakdown & towing services and provide open pit mining equipment to mines. You can view our list of equipment on our Plant Hire page.

We work when our clients need us. This may include weekends and evenings, day & night shift, depending on our clients’ requirements.

Yes. Bendet has a BEE level 4, making us fully BEE compliant. However, we are working on improving this rating even further.

At Bendet, customer service is our utmost priority. We are willing to walk the extra mile for you and believe in harbouring positive work relationships. We aim to serve you.

Yes, our plant hire rates include skilled operators who are trained in operating the heavy machinery.


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Bendet Plant Hire and Towing







Delft Forestry
Consistent – Trustworthy – Resourceful – Economical. That is what comes to mind when using Bendet Plant Hire in my farming operations. Whether I need an excavator or a roll back, great service is always offered with just a simple phone call. Skilled, reliable and well trained drivers/operators guarantee that any task at hand is completed with satisfactory results. Kilometers driven or hours worked will always correspond to the kilometers or hours on the invoice received. For these reasons I will always stay a loyal client of Bendet Plant Hire.