At Bendet, we offer a variety of heavy construction equipment and vehicles for hire. From excavators to TLBs to water carts, our plant hire services are sure to fulfill your specific needs.


Bendet Plant and excavator for hire offers both a 30 ton excavator and 20 ton excavators for hire, depending on your requirements. Excavators are also known as diggers, mechanical shovels or 360-degree excavators. They have many uses, many of which are in the field of construction. Uses include digging holes and foundations, handling material, demolition, grading and landscaping and mining. Excavator for hire machines can be used in dam construction, building constructions.


Tippers, also known as dump trucks, are used for moving loads of material from one place to another, often on a construction side. These material loads may include sand, stones, gravel or demolition waste. A tipper has an open-box bed with a hinge at the back, allowing the bed to tip up at the front to pour material out behind the tipper. This avoid having to manually shovel material off the level back of a truck or pickup.


A TLB is a relatively small construction vehicle. It consists of a tractor-like unit which is fitted with a bucket on the front and a backhoe on the back. Because of its relatively small size, a TLB is ideal to use on smaller construction sites and demolitions. It can also be used to transport building materials and in excavation. It is the ideal vehicle for smaller jobs.


A roller, sometimes called a road roller or steamroller (even though it does not run on steam!), is a construction vehicle with a large drum on the front. Rollers are used to compact soil, gravel and concrete. They are usually used in road construction and in building foundations.

Water Carts / Water Bowsers

Water carts, or water bowsers, are used to transport water. They may be used in road construction, agriculture and mining.


Plant hire refers to equipment rental. In the case of the Bendet services, plant hire refers specifically to the hire of heavy construction equipment and vehicles. This equipment may be used in building and road construction, demolition, towing, earthmoving and forestry.

No. We own a Rollback which we use to transport all equipment to and from sites. You can thus sit back and relax.

Definitely not. Our services are also not limited to the equipment that we currently own. Should your specific project require equipment that we do not own, we are always willing to go the extra mile to assist you by sourcing the appropriate equipment.

Our plant hire costs depend entirely on your specific equipment needs. It is thus impossible to give a once-off costing figure. Feel free to contact us to request a personalized quote.

TLB stands for tractor-loader-backhoe. This abbreviation describes the configuration of the TLB, which consists of a tractor-like unit with a loader at the front and a backhoe at the back. This configuration, along with the relatively small size of the TLB, allows it to dig holes and transport material on construction and demolition sites.


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