Construction refers to creating buildings and other infrastructure. In order for buildings and infrastructure to be of a good quality, the correct equipment is required for the production process. At Bendet Plant, we take great pride in providing our clients with the correct machinery to make the construction process more effective, productive and cost effective in the long run.

Below are some construction examples we have been involved in.

Dam construction

A dam is a barrier constructed to hold back water, creating a reservoir to store water. The importance of dams applies especially in agriculture. Farm dams provide essential water for irrigation and stock.


Dams are also used in mining. For example, pollution control dams are used to reduce the impact of mining on the surrounding environment. This is done by minimising the effect of polluted water on water resources in the mining area.

To see an example of our dam construction work, please visit our Project Portfolio page, where you can see how we constructed pollution control dams for Jindal SA, a mining company in Mpumalanga.

Road construction

When constructing a road, especially on a farm, it is important to use the right equipment. A properly constructed road has the advantages of receiving more visitors (which is especially important if the road must be used to access your business) and requiring less maintenance. Making use of road construction companies, rather than trying to construct a road yourself, ensures that road is of a good quality.

Bendet Plant owns all the equipment required to construct a good-quality road, including rollers construction, tippers, water trucks and TLBs. We also have skilled operators and expertise to make the project successful.

RDP housing: stand levelling

RDP, which stands for Reconstruction and Develoment Programme, refers to a programme which aims to address socioeconomic problems. RDP housing thus refers to cheap houses eligible for government subsidies that are built to accommodate South Africans that do not have access to proper housing.

We do RDP stand levelling, which involves clearing and levelling construction sites before RDP house plans can be implemented.

Our services are versatile according to our clients’ needs.


At Bendet, we recognize that each client has unique and specific needs. It is thus not possible to give a generalized time frame for a specific project. However, we always strive to complete construction jobs as quickly and efficiently as possible, without compromising on quality. You can send us an email to request a time frame estimation for your specific project.

Yes, we aim to serve our clients’ needs. Depending on what you require from us, we adjust our working hours to your needs.

We have worked on a number of construction projects since the inception of the company in 2011. These include RDP stand levelling, pollution control dam construction and open cast mining. For some examples of projects we have worked on, visit our project portfolio page.

Yes, farm road maintenance is very important to ensure that the road remains safe to use.

Yes, we do. Contact us to get a quote for farm road maintenance.


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